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home fragrances

Refined home fragrances, created by Dr. Vranjes while artfully mixing the essences of top quality.

automobiliu kvapas -prabangus-italiskas-drvranjes-artaveniu

for cars

The line of aromas created for cars while using pure essences.

sensual fragrances

for bedding

Delicate aromas that provide a pleasant feel of freshness, cleanliness and boost your feelings.



Antica Officina del Farmacista was established in Florence in 1983. Dr. Vranjes, who was born and raised in Bologna, where he acquired his doctoral  degree, decided to tie his personal story with Florence – the Italian city, that was known for its oldest perfume and fragrance manufacturing traditions.  The story about Paolo Vranjes is the story about “nose”. Even when he was a child he was able to sense the magic power of various “aromas”.
Because of this high sensitivity of smell all aromas went straight to his heart. As the years went by, this delicate perception of fragrances became his call and in such a way the great creator of inhaled emotions appeared.

Over the years, passion, creativity, knowledge and competence of Dr. Vranjes has helped create the unique and exclusive world of Antica Officina del Farmacista, filled with exciting fragrances.

To enter the Antica Officina del Farmacista means to allow yourself experience the indescribable pleasure of walking along the alluring tracks that lead to discovery of harmonious alchemy of senses, exploration and inhalation – main components of the art of fragrance creation.

Sophisticated design of bottles was inspired by the architecture of Florence; these gems, filled with luxurious aromas, await to be discovered by you and invite you to awaken the long forgotten precious memories.


Exclusive packaging of aristocratic Italian design and fragrance bottles of sophisticated forms, inspired by the architecture of Florence, make a perfect gift for special occasion. Valued all over the world for their exclusive touch and masterly combinations of aromas, the fragrances of Dr. Vranjes turned to be a desired gift for weddings, anniversaries and, of course, house warming and openings, as well as corporate celebrations. It is a luxurious gift that will bring a lot of pleasure to You and Your friends, colleagues and partners.


  • Top quality fragrances made from natural essences
  • Masterly combinations of aromas, not offered by anyone else
  • Unique Italian design to decorate every house
  • Stunning gift packaging that will stay a long time in your memory

Fragrance is the combination of love, patience and memories. We can create an exceptional home with this magic of fragrances.